Friday, 21 August 2015

Khaki to the Beach

 Khaki Longline Split Side | Skort | Jelly Sandals | Sunglasses - AW x Linda Farrow | Gold chain necklace - Avon

After a longtime coming, i decided it was time to come back to blogging and here i bring you an outfit i wore out to Margate beach.

 I didn't plan on swimming nor staying in the water so long so this outfit was just right. The Khaki isn't the typical colour for a summer day out to the beach, but the top itself was just right for the weather. The longline tee is lightweight, loose and helps you cool of with the breeze. Plus if i ever change my mind about dipping into the sea then i could easily remove the longline tee and go in with my hidden crop top and skort. 2 in 1 outfit, not bad right?

The main piece here is the khaki but i couldn't leave it hanging without any accessories. So i paired it with a dark blue leather/gold chained belt and thought it would make the outfit more "Greek" to be more fitting for the weather. Then added a gold chain to accentuate the ongoing colour scheme from the belt.

 If this was a usual day out I'd definitely rock these with a pair of boots or so, however just to keep it down to earth and suitable for my day out to the beach, i put on some jellies. Jelly sandals are good for long walks especially for the sun, with no discomfort at all!

Tell me what you think about the outfit, what other things you think would go well with it and give love by Commenting/Sharing <3 

- Elléa

Thursday, 6 August 2015

I'll be back soon!

So it's been around 4 months since my last post, sorry for the inconsistency of my blogging. 

I didn't think i would be coming back to it because i hardly do consistent posts like one every week or just whenever and it just really sucks for my readers to be having a blogger like moi. I had exams and the process towards the exams consumed my time too. It began to be a habit, pushing this aside so all I've been doing is really trying to use instagram as a replacement since its more simpler to "blog" with and so on.  
Then after one of my recent posts i got a few messages from my readers themselves and comments concerning why I'm not blogging and that i should continue it. I was absolutely touched and i actually questioned myself... i have no excuse for not blogging over the summer and plus next year is a great opportunity to actually be more regular, so why not? 

Thank you to those who are still supporting me!!!
I'll be definitely be back with a post soon :)

- Elléa

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Quick OOTD: High Waist to Summer

Hi guys, so here's a quick post for y'all. 
It's getting pretty hot here in London, so i thought id wear something to match the weather. A lace crop top to keep my body cool with this heat and i was going to pair it with some short but i realised i don't have much shorts in my wardrobe (adding this to the shopping wish list), so i took out these fabulous jaquard trousers which is gladly really cool to wear and lightweight so the heat wouldn't make myself feel too sticky. Don't be afraid to stick to some trousers, as long as it's not too fitting and has a cool fabric, its good to go for the heat!

You can't see my shoes too well because of the sunlight but its a white sole plimsol with gold zips, it helps the outfit look casual and clean, plus i it's a pointed shoe which makes it look super chic! Slip-on shoes are the way to go, it helps us in the weather, whatever the circumstances. In addition,  i preferably wear a sheer button top as a cardigan because i don't like showing too much skin and it doesn't interfere with the heat., so i wore this to keep myself in my own comfort. 

- Elléa