Sunday, 8 March 2015

Basic Grey

Basic Grey

The weather was so perfect in London on this day, it was really sunny and there was some cool breeze. Spring is definitely on its way and so I took out this denim waistcoat to seize the moment, hooking it up with a short sleeved crop top. Wearing a crop top goes so well with high waisted trousers and changes up the look without showing skin. These trousers are really comfortable and has just the right amount of thickness to go with the spring weather, however I actually didn't like how it isn't secure as a high waisted trouser, so I belted it up but it looks really good without one.

The shoes was there to add a little more colour to the outfit with it's slight touch of red but not too bright thanks to the ombré effect it had.The tones of grey is a nice transitional colour from the dark/neutral colours of winter to the pastel colours of spring. It is a simple touch for the outfit especially with the denim acid wash. 

I liked how the outfit fits together colour wise and comfort wise. Everything was light and easy to walk around with, which is totally great for outings outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather. Tell me what you like about this outfit on the comments below!


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Blanc et Noir

Blanc et Noir
Vest Top - Laura Scott/Lookagain
Black Batwing Cardigan/Shirt - Primark
Midi Crossover Skirt - ASOS
Black Chunky Heels - New Look
Necklace - Primark

Happy March! So i have a black and white outfit for you. I wore this out to my cousin's 18th and thought it'd be super cute to post up. I have another midi skirt added to the wardrobe, i wore this on my birthday exactly a month ago but didn't get to take photos of it.

 I really liked this outfit, it has a mixture of construction and flow plus the colours black and white is my ultimate fave to pair up. I love monochrome! The cardigan is actually a batwing shirt but i've always been wearing it as a cardigan to go over any short sleeved or very exposing tops like what i am wearing. It's an old purchase so i'm not too sure it's still available but it was definitely worth the buy. The whole outfit was indeed comfortable for me to be wearing and loved wearing it. The vest top is quite revealing, but i did make use of the necklace to cover it up and keep it conserved.

P.S My boyfriend helped dyed my hair, if you noticed the difference :)

Hope you guys liked my outfit, tell me what you think?

- Elléa