Hey, my name is Chantelle Anonuevo, a Filipino born and raised in London.
I am a Eighteen year old aspiring to be and do many things in life in many of which is freedom to me, freedom.
I have this blog to express a journalist side of fashion and photography, i do not know what i really want in life however this is a part of who i am so i want to share it out. I aim to be apart of the fashion industry as a designer, so best of luck for me :)

Why is your name Elléa but it's really Chantelle?
Its made using the last 4 letters of my name and first letter of my surname plus an additional french accent on the e to make it fancy.

What the blogs based on?
This is mainly a Fashion Blog.
From OOTD's to seasonal outfits to express fashion styling with additional aspects like make up reviews etc. building the blog to an expressive standard with photography.