Monday, 5 August 2013

Title: Metallic Hollow Rose Flower Headband/Hairband

And so my addiction on Ebay is growing ever so slightly, buying hair accessories or beauty products such as the asian BB creams etc. However here i present to you a review on my recent bought product! A Hair accessory.

Its a really suitable headband for updo's like a high bun or ponytail. It's comfortable and spices up the look you have. Just accompany your style of clothing with hair accessories so you look classy from head to toe. I found this item on ebay and thought it was worth the buy and wait even though its all the way from hong kong! Plus to the UK buyers out there, you dont expect finding something as cute as this in a 99p store or poundland right? Well this itself is a 99p item with free shipping! KACHING! it's a money saver and its totally worth it. 

^ Click link above to view this item on Ebay

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- Elléa