Saturday, 24 January 2015

Denim Biker

Denim Biker
Denim Jacket: Pull&Bear(sold out) - Similar - ASOS & ASOS
White Tee: Similar - ASOS
Jeans: Similar - ASOS
Knee High Boots: Exact - EBay
Bunny Ear Backpack: Similar - EBay

I wore this on a day out with school to go cinema to watch 'Theory of Everything'. It was quiet a good movie, there's some laughs here and there alongside little tears too, i do recommend to watch it especially since it was about Steven Hawkins and how despite his condition, he had a beautiful love life. 

Looking at my outfit, the denim jacket and knee high boots take the spotlight. I kept it simple with a white tee and jeans only for the denim jacket to accentuate it into something similar of a biker look. The denim jacket was a great grab from the pull and bear sale getting it for around £10 when it was £60! great right?

And of course, a biker look is not complete without boots and these are ones my boyfriend bought me for Christmas. They are absolutely comfortable to wear, adds a little height and is super warm! It's suede outside and a little bit of fur inside so your legs are definitely warm from knee to toe. Thanks to my boyfriend, i'm warm and cosy for the winter. I honestly think boots like these are great staples, it goes really well with skinny jeans or mini skirts and any top.

Location: I also suggest you walk by Brick lane or Shoreditch to find more of these beautiful pieces of art work all around the streets, it's an outside gallery of rebellion and beauty!

- Elléa

Friday, 9 January 2015

January Blues

 Fedora Primark Cigarette Jaquard Trousers ASOS Crop Top ASOS Scarf New Look 
Buckled Ankle Chunky Heels Urban Outfitters

After a lot of window shopping online through January sales, i came across the main piece of this outfit. The Trousers! I've been looking for the perfect trousers to give a difference to my style and this was the one. My dear friend Charlene (click her name for her blog) exclaimed how much of a statement it was in comparison to my other choices of trousers. 

The overall look has a lot of pattern but with the colours, the patterns aren't too bold and won't clash with one another. It's a comfortable look on a good sunny day, if not throw on a black coat to match the silver toned outfit. 

One other thing different is i got a nose ring! sadly, it's fake. My friend Jasmine (click her name for her blog) made me 2 hand made nose rings in silver and gold. I thought the silver one would work well with the tone and it honestly looks real. Credits to this talented girl!

- Elléa

Monday, 5 January 2015

NYR series: Be who you are!

This isnt part of the resolutions i got from my friends but indeed a message i want to give to everyone. Its something we may tend to forget that the simplicity of just being who we are may just be enough for the year! No change, nothing else needed.

Number 5
Be who you are

A new year indeed but keep doing you, its just a new chapter of life, not a new book. 2015 is just another year, here to create new memories and still have that same unique smile to show throughout the happiness to come.

I wanted to keep this short and simple as i am still in the process of revising. I wanted to end this series with a positive vibe and say thank you to all my readers and viewers so far, you've kept me going and doing what i enjoy despite not doing blogging on a regular basis

As i start this year, im dedicating it to keep giving you guys my positive vibe through fashion blogging and possibly more motivational series!

I hope i inspire many and show you that you just have to be who you are and smile!

Good luck, Elléa

Sunday, 4 January 2015

NYR series: Do more!

Doing more can involve so much like travelling, going out more and being more of an explorer, adventurer and a productive person. Doing more should involve something you don't usually do in an everyday basis. This could also involve being a tourist of your own home city! How will you start this off?

Number four

Doing more!

To start off 2015, give yourself goals on what you want to do and when you want to achieve this. Then list these things down on a piece of paper (In big writing!) and hang it up somewhere you would always look towards or maybe in front of your bed? This way you will wake up to seeing your goals for this year everyday, with the thought of having to achieve it.

Here are some things to suggest to do this year:

  • Go to tourist spots of your city
  • Explore more food - list down restaurants you want to go to
  • Visit all the museums in london
  • Watch a play/musical in the theatre
  • Go to a Jazz Club
  • Go to the Zoo
  • Ride the barclays bikes in hyde park
  • Start a journal
  • Start a blog of your own interest
And even while you do it make sure you take a photo of the place and maybe make a scrapbook of places and things you've done for the year!

Have i given you ideas yet? - Tell me if i have given you a light bulb moment! 

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Good luck, Elléa 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

NYR series: Revise & Time Management

We always seem to get those times where what we study doesn't seem to get in our heads and we have no motivation at all to revise! We also want to be out and about more but we lose time because of studying. Here are ways to juggle your things and manage to do what you have to do with useful revision techniques.

Number two: Revision - more of it and how

Motivate yourself to revise

Before we start to revise, put on some music that gets you in a more positive mood with no lyrics (acoustics or classics). This type of music will make sure you don't get to bored, its entertaining and will keep you in the zone of revision more than you could without it. However if this is not your type environment, then silence it is! 

To motivate you to do more than you can, prepare a little treat of something you like for you to have after you have done your revision. This way you would do as much as you can before you can nibble on some chocolates. Your treat could also involve going out too!

Another motivation is to be with hard working people who also motivate you and keep you entertained. For myself, i go to the library with my boyfriend (we both do psychology) so when we have little breaks we can talk and for those times where i'm confused i don't have to depend on social networking to contact anyone to help me out. 

Revision tips

You must be re-writing your notes into a more simple and smaller form for you and your brain to understand. Studying psychology, i have learnt that learning everything in a more intense form e.g essays or pages of work won't be as helpful. If you chunk the information down, it is likely to go into your memory more! so - Brainstorms and flashcards/index cards are your best friends! 
(Also make your notes colourful so it catches your attention more.)

After you have completed making it simpler for yourself, that's when you start talking to yourself (time to go crazy!!). The acoustic repetition of your information will help encode it into your short term memory, that way you are able to remember enough information for the exam. 

Number three - Time Management.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

NYR series: Be more Positive

So i'm probably guessing you all have some new years resolutions but you don't know where to start?? well here's some resolutions i got from my friends and i'll be posting it within 5 days with 5 top NY resolutions with some helping hand on how to start.

Number one,

Be more positive.

Well, i chose this to be day one's NY resolution because, its literally the start of the new year and whether last year was bad or good we still tend to have a negative time now and then. So how can we be positive? How can we be happier more often? Well here are some simple steps to start that off.

1. Love Yourself

I know that seems to easy, give yourself a gift and that's all there is but no. Loving yourself needs time, care and the heart to listen to your desires. We live in a world of rushing, deadlines and dare i say it, seeking for love but have you ever listened to yourself? What are your dreams? Whats standing in the way of them? maybe it's time you step forward and move that obstacle to the side and walk on to your journey of success. Value what you need over what you want, value what will benefit you long term rather than short term. Let's think about you need more and take some time off the usual stress you have and just relax and value your self worth.

2. Open your mind

Listen and think. In every situation there is a purpose of the event, even though its bad, learn to have an open mind. Everything happens for a reason, now think, if that one thing that made you sad or anything of negative value did not happen how would your present be like? different right? and that one recent event that made you really happy wouldn't have happened! Open your mind to realise there are different reasons, different possibilities and different sides to everything. Do not close it due to your ego or because of the negativity you have inside you. Learn to free your mind and learn it was all a lesson, learn that everything is for the better.

3. Surround yourself in positivity

Have you ever listened to a sad song and it just sucked all the sad memories back out which makes you just feel so down? Well, that's because the song created an emotional atmosphere which made you to think of things that relate to it with similar emotions. I am not telling you not to listen to sad songs but its a relatable example because surrounding yourself with negative people or things e.g.  will give you a negative vibe. To be positive you must get rid of the negative energy and influences in order to attract the positive influences.

I know this isn't much and won't be much of a help but i do have a friend who posts similar posts like this so go check out:
I also recommend to look at this post for similar and more useful information:

Stay happy, Elléa

Happy New Year!

Hello 2015!

Wow the year has gone by too quickly, how did your year go? good or bad?
I've left 2014 being ever so grateful with a more bigger smile because of the good things and better things that have occured but here's to a new year and i wish it treats me and all of you kindness and love.
So, i have 2 posts today since i was quiet absent, so you'll get an outfit post and a more motivational post for the new year so keep yourself updated on the blog by checking or by following my blogging instagram @elleaspire

Midi my skirt

Crop Top Love Label, Midi Skirt Missguided, Lipstick KIKO

This was my new years outfit, simple and classic. I am totally in love with midi skirts and i managed to grab one during black friday with the chance to only wear it for new years. Wearing it with a crop top helps emphasise it's length (and make you more taller) with the colour pink, it gives a great blushing and feminine look. I also colour co-ordinated it with a little dash of gold jewellery and black heels to keep it simple. What could go wrong with a simple look? Oh and dont forget some lipstick! Mine from KIKO, is a matte lipstick to accompany the light pink and not go out too bold.

Happy New Year, Elléa