Thursday, 30 October 2014



Blue Laced Blouse: Warehouse Jeans: Primark Shoes: ASOS 

Long story short, i'm back at blogging and i decided to post this up because my fellow friends thought it was a good outfit to wear out, little did they know it was for my date the next day. 

So i got this top when i was so craving to buy something new, it was in between this and a pink embossed skirt during a warehouse sale in september. I thought i could use another blouse in the closet, so after contemplating i bought this top! In fact i bought it in school which is ridiculous of me but i was DESPERATE! It was a good buy, it was on sale originally £40 and i only got it for £12, not bad right? The blouse is nicely designed, with the lace accentuating the colour and lightweight fabric and the buttons are covered up giving it a very clean look.

Same goes for the shoes, it wasnt much of a discount but under £20 always seems like a good buy, i got it for £16 in ASOS loving the ombre look of red to black and the tassles. It's under the truffle shoe collection in ASOS so go check that out! To complete the look, i folded up my skinny jeans, tied a ribbon on the blouse and i was good to go.

It feels so good to be back, hope you all like this post!
Thanks to the boyfriend for taking my photos!

- Elléa

Monday, 6 October 2014

Back to life

Hey Bloggers and Viewers,

I'ts actually been a long while and i have had a few people requesting for my return to this hobby. It's quiet outdated though, might be fixing it up a bit except for the theme which i'm so glad to have made myself :)
So, is there any room for fashion in my life right now? YES THERE IS! In fact, i am currently on the look out for fashion design foundation courses at the moment as i believe studying fashion design will be the course for me, i might consider learning some business for it alongside :)
So keep a look out for new posts in the coming month, i'm just been really busy since the start of school and everything.

Hopefully you all stay in touch with me and keep checking up my blog,
Happy Autumn Guys!

- Elléa