Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Title: Hello Fashion!

So i apologise for not being able to post or blog any interesting stuff lately because im at the transition of the start of sixth form and so it's very important i am aware what will come for me with the subjects i chose.
However let's go to subject and talk about my recent fashion experience!
I had the opportunity to watch a fashion show yesterday, It was the F.A.D Fashion Futures program to present 20 finalists final garments and designs. I was able to attend such a remarkable experience because my friend Melissa was one of the 20 finalists! *round of applause* Check her blog out guys, if you havent!

With her hard work into giving up hours of her saturdays and time to work through and with the projects she managed to be lucky enough to be the chosen 20 out of 100 people in london.
Sadly, she did not manage to make win or so but that definitely does not stop me from being honestly proud of her :')
With 20 contestants they had around 6/7 months to work with the F.A.D team and build up this project, with research and determination, they put all their effort of preparation into work within 5 days of making the garment they had in mind. ladidaaaa, i'm talking to detailed and formal here but here come le photos ~
I can't post everything so apologies.

Here's Ate Meli with her model wearing her garment :)

pewpewpew, i had super fun, hopefully i could make it this far if i am willing enough to join for next year.
It's very inspiring to see such beautiful creative designs which were all from the minds of these young people. I'm absolutely in love with how art is and is shown to the world and here's one way :)
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- Elléa