Sunday, 22 September 2013

Title: BB Wonders

So after a month of waiting i finally got my order from Korea through Ebay.
I have been looking at tons of reviews for bb creams for the whole year since Nov last year. My first purchase bb cream was Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream, since it was my first BB product i didn't know what my skin colour was and so i thought i'd go with the Shade No. 21 which was too light for me! I however was able to deal with it for the winter because it was only a shade lighter than me at the time so how i managed with it was to put a tanned shade of Macs finish powder giving me a clean finish, Missha's coverage was also not so great so i accompanied it with some concealer before the finishing powder. However who has time for that? I'd rather have one complete product with good coverage and is also my skin colour.

What is BB Cream? 

BB cream stands for blemish balmblemish basebeblesh balm.

 It is a cosmetic item sold mainly in East and Southeast Asia, promotes as an All-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturiser, primer, foundation and sunblock.
( I used Wiki for this definition btw *giggles*)

I spent more time researching for a really good Korean BB Cream and it all concluded to Etude House's Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit (or Cotton Fit, whether you'd want a matte finish)
So introducing to you, my favourite BB Cream:
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This BB Cream is 60g (2.11 oz.) of Beauty.

Provides SPF 30/ PA++
Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Darkening 

This BB cream provides a shiny finish, no you won't look like the new white pearl of the ocean but it does provide a moisturised look. If this isn't the type of BB you'd want there is an alternative option of Etude House's BB cream cotton fit, it gives you a more Matte finish (i'll link a youtuber of mine who reviewed on it for a more primary opinion)
Here's a preview of what the packaging looks like:

It has this very hygienic pump which is very useful when it comes to precise amount of it you need, unless you got overly excited with using it and you pump up tons of it. It has a cover so there wont be any mess inside your make up bag.
The shade i got is called Honey Beige (W24)

It is a very similar colour to my skin colour, i don't think i would've got a more closer colour unless i mix two BB creams together. So as you can see on the bottom image of the swatch, as i blend it into my half of my back hand the BB cream has made it's shiny appearance and has covered up my visible veins clarifying it's good coverage. When i put it all over my face most of my blemishes, redness and spots are covered however i wouldn't say it gives 100% good coverage because as it oxidises it becomes more your skin colour and some redness may show through, which is one thumbs down.
But here's a thumbs up! It actually makes your face smell so goooooood, it has this flowery and sweet sense which i love a lot and overall the sense and appearance is very long lasting. I keep it the whole school day till before i sleep and i say it has lasted very well on my face.
One thing that may be an issue to many, BB creams will always make you look white at first application but i do want to tell you that it will soon oxidise, so no worries. Your face may look a different shade from your neck, you can apply some on your neck also but i'd rather not because one, its a waste of the beautiful product and two, it will soon become closer to your skin colour but all suits you!
This is all i apply on my face unless i have a really bad spot or eye bags, concealer would be my best friend during those times.
So thanks to this BB cream i will smell flowery every day and look very much awake all my life.
Thanks to the Rini Shop who sells this on ebay with a very affordable price but why you all the way in KOREA! I waited a month for this :(
They however gave an extra gift with my package ^^
A sample of Etude's Fresh Cherry Tint which probably will be my next purchase :3
Lets save some money first!


Keep Loving and Living!

~ Elléa