Thursday, 30 October 2014



Blue Laced Blouse: Warehouse Jeans: Primark Shoes: ASOS 

Long story short, i'm back at blogging and i decided to post this up because my fellow friends thought it was a good outfit to wear out, little did they know it was for my date the next day. 

So i got this top when i was so craving to buy something new, it was in between this and a pink embossed skirt during a warehouse sale in september. I thought i could use another blouse in the closet, so after contemplating i bought this top! In fact i bought it in school which is ridiculous of me but i was DESPERATE! It was a good buy, it was on sale originally £40 and i only got it for £12, not bad right? The blouse is nicely designed, with the lace accentuating the colour and lightweight fabric and the buttons are covered up giving it a very clean look.

Same goes for the shoes, it wasnt much of a discount but under £20 always seems like a good buy, i got it for £16 in ASOS loving the ombre look of red to black and the tassles. It's under the truffle shoe collection in ASOS so go check that out! To complete the look, i folded up my skinny jeans, tied a ribbon on the blouse and i was good to go.

It feels so good to be back, hope you all like this post!
Thanks to the boyfriend for taking my photos!

- Elléa