Sunday, 9 November 2014


Turtle Neck Thrifted Jeans Primark Boots Clark Coat Hand-me-down

Hey guys, so i owe you an apology? Im still not ised to the fact that im back at blogging so my attempt to regular posting is not at its best yet so.. HI!

On Thursday i had quite a good day, i had a photoshoot over at Great Portland Street and had a great experience ever. Meeting a great make up artist and photographer i was able to get along with really well! So here's the reason why my make up looks very intense but ill talk more about what this shoot is for later in the future so, keep updating yourselves!

So here was my outfit of the day, i wore a creamy green turtle neck, which is the main piece of this outfit because believe me, i am loving turtle necks! Some may think turtle necks are a bit of a question mark to them but they are so perfect for A/W and i think it works with most of my bottoms especially with the jeans i have here which work well with the creamy green because of the light pastel colour scheme i have going here. To stay down to earth the brown boots compliment them really well and the black cape coat of mine. 

- Elléa