Thursday, 6 August 2015

I'll be back soon!

So it's been around 4 months since my last post, sorry for the inconsistency of my blogging. 

I didn't think i would be coming back to it because i hardly do consistent posts like one every week or just whenever and it just really sucks for my readers to be having a blogger like moi. I had exams and the process towards the exams consumed my time too. It began to be a habit, pushing this aside so all I've been doing is really trying to use instagram as a replacement since its more simpler to "blog" with and so on.  
Then after one of my recent posts i got a few messages from my readers themselves and comments concerning why I'm not blogging and that i should continue it. I was absolutely touched and i actually questioned myself... i have no excuse for not blogging over the summer and plus next year is a great opportunity to actually be more regular, so why not? 

Thank you to those who are still supporting me!!!
I'll be definitely be back with a post soon :)

- Elléa