Friday, 21 August 2015

Khaki to the Beach

 Khaki Longline Split Side | Skort | Jelly Sandals | Sunglasses - AW x Linda Farrow | Gold chain necklace - Avon

After a longtime coming, i decided it was time to come back to blogging and here i bring you an outfit i wore out to Margate beach.

 I didn't plan on swimming nor staying in the water so long so this outfit was just right. The Khaki isn't the typical colour for a summer day out to the beach, but the top itself was just right for the weather. The longline tee is lightweight, loose and helps you cool of with the breeze. Plus if i ever change my mind about dipping into the sea then i could easily remove the longline tee and go in with my hidden crop top and skort. 2 in 1 outfit, not bad right?

The main piece here is the khaki but i couldn't leave it hanging without any accessories. So i paired it with a dark blue leather/gold chained belt and thought it would make the outfit more "Greek" to be more fitting for the weather. Then added a gold chain to accentuate the ongoing colour scheme from the belt.

 If this was a usual day out I'd definitely rock these with a pair of boots or so, however just to keep it down to earth and suitable for my day out to the beach, i put on some jellies. Jelly sandals are good for long walks especially for the sun, with no discomfort at all!

Tell me what you think about the outfit, what other things you think would go well with it and give love by Commenting/Sharing <3 

- Elléa