Sunday, 4 January 2015

NYR series: Do more!

Doing more can involve so much like travelling, going out more and being more of an explorer, adventurer and a productive person. Doing more should involve something you don't usually do in an everyday basis. This could also involve being a tourist of your own home city! How will you start this off?

Number four

Doing more!

To start off 2015, give yourself goals on what you want to do and when you want to achieve this. Then list these things down on a piece of paper (In big writing!) and hang it up somewhere you would always look towards or maybe in front of your bed? This way you will wake up to seeing your goals for this year everyday, with the thought of having to achieve it.

Here are some things to suggest to do this year:

  • Go to tourist spots of your city
  • Explore more food - list down restaurants you want to go to
  • Visit all the museums in london
  • Watch a play/musical in the theatre
  • Go to a Jazz Club
  • Go to the Zoo
  • Ride the barclays bikes in hyde park
  • Start a journal
  • Start a blog of your own interest
And even while you do it make sure you take a photo of the place and maybe make a scrapbook of places and things you've done for the year!

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Good luck, Elléa