Thursday, 1 January 2015

NYR series: Be more Positive

So i'm probably guessing you all have some new years resolutions but you don't know where to start?? well here's some resolutions i got from my friends and i'll be posting it within 5 days with 5 top NY resolutions with some helping hand on how to start.

Number one,

Be more positive.

Well, i chose this to be day one's NY resolution because, its literally the start of the new year and whether last year was bad or good we still tend to have a negative time now and then. So how can we be positive? How can we be happier more often? Well here are some simple steps to start that off.

1. Love Yourself

I know that seems to easy, give yourself a gift and that's all there is but no. Loving yourself needs time, care and the heart to listen to your desires. We live in a world of rushing, deadlines and dare i say it, seeking for love but have you ever listened to yourself? What are your dreams? Whats standing in the way of them? maybe it's time you step forward and move that obstacle to the side and walk on to your journey of success. Value what you need over what you want, value what will benefit you long term rather than short term. Let's think about you need more and take some time off the usual stress you have and just relax and value your self worth.

2. Open your mind

Listen and think. In every situation there is a purpose of the event, even though its bad, learn to have an open mind. Everything happens for a reason, now think, if that one thing that made you sad or anything of negative value did not happen how would your present be like? different right? and that one recent event that made you really happy wouldn't have happened! Open your mind to realise there are different reasons, different possibilities and different sides to everything. Do not close it due to your ego or because of the negativity you have inside you. Learn to free your mind and learn it was all a lesson, learn that everything is for the better.

3. Surround yourself in positivity

Have you ever listened to a sad song and it just sucked all the sad memories back out which makes you just feel so down? Well, that's because the song created an emotional atmosphere which made you to think of things that relate to it with similar emotions. I am not telling you not to listen to sad songs but its a relatable example because surrounding yourself with negative people or things e.g.  will give you a negative vibe. To be positive you must get rid of the negative energy and influences in order to attract the positive influences.

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Stay happy, Elléa