Friday, 9 January 2015

January Blues

 Fedora Primark Cigarette Jaquard Trousers ASOS Crop Top ASOS Scarf New Look 
Buckled Ankle Chunky Heels Urban Outfitters

After a lot of window shopping online through January sales, i came across the main piece of this outfit. The Trousers! I've been looking for the perfect trousers to give a difference to my style and this was the one. My dear friend Charlene (click her name for her blog) exclaimed how much of a statement it was in comparison to my other choices of trousers. 

The overall look has a lot of pattern but with the colours, the patterns aren't too bold and won't clash with one another. It's a comfortable look on a good sunny day, if not throw on a black coat to match the silver toned outfit. 

One other thing different is i got a nose ring! sadly, it's fake. My friend Jasmine (click her name for her blog) made me 2 hand made nose rings in silver and gold. I thought the silver one would work well with the tone and it honestly looks real. Credits to this talented girl!

- Elléa