Saturday, 3 January 2015

NYR series: Revise & Time Management

We always seem to get those times where what we study doesn't seem to get in our heads and we have no motivation at all to revise! We also want to be out and about more but we lose time because of studying. Here are ways to juggle your things and manage to do what you have to do with useful revision techniques.

Number two: Revision - more of it and how

Motivate yourself to revise

Before we start to revise, put on some music that gets you in a more positive mood with no lyrics (acoustics or classics). This type of music will make sure you don't get to bored, its entertaining and will keep you in the zone of revision more than you could without it. However if this is not your type environment, then silence it is! 

To motivate you to do more than you can, prepare a little treat of something you like for you to have after you have done your revision. This way you would do as much as you can before you can nibble on some chocolates. Your treat could also involve going out too!

Another motivation is to be with hard working people who also motivate you and keep you entertained. For myself, i go to the library with my boyfriend (we both do psychology) so when we have little breaks we can talk and for those times where i'm confused i don't have to depend on social networking to contact anyone to help me out. 

Revision tips

You must be re-writing your notes into a more simple and smaller form for you and your brain to understand. Studying psychology, i have learnt that learning everything in a more intense form e.g essays or pages of work won't be as helpful. If you chunk the information down, it is likely to go into your memory more! so - Brainstorms and flashcards/index cards are your best friends! 
(Also make your notes colourful so it catches your attention more.)

After you have completed making it simpler for yourself, that's when you start talking to yourself (time to go crazy!!). The acoustic repetition of your information will help encode it into your short term memory, that way you are able to remember enough information for the exam. 

Number three - Time Management.

Time Management

To manage your time more, you must make sure you give yourself time. We tend to always be in bed more than we should especially in the holidays so try waking up at 9am and start your day there.

In terms of time managing with revision, revise in the morning because your brain is more alert than any other time during the day. Then you have enough time to go out for the afternoon! If you have extra time at night, you can fit in some revision there too.

However overall you must:
  • Be realistic - be honest on how much time you may spend on certain activities
  • Have a flexible schedule - if something doesn't turn out as it was meant to be, you can change some things around
  • List down what is needed to do and make it a priority list putting the important one first of course.
  • Stick to your goal of the day

Hope this all helps you all if this is what you aim to achieve this year.
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Good luck, Elléa